Saturday, April 19, 2014

Paul's Reflections 470 : Easter 2014.

Homily. Easter 2014.





-                     Easter, more than any other feast tells us that God has definitively the last word in all things…. And that word is a profoundly positive and definitive “YES”   -  first and foremost, a YES to his beloved son…Jesus Christ. Who is God the son….  . and all that he did and taught in his ministry…  and a profound and absolute YES to life….,  and to us, as his eternally cherished sons and daughters…      Yes to forgiveness of sin for all who are bowed down by the past….    Yes to faithfulness no matter what trials and tragedies befall us  in life…….>  

-                     Easter…  and the message of the Resurrection is about life, hope, love, forgiveness…

-                     The irony of the cross and the message of today’s wonderful feast….    Means that it is rather fitting on this Easter celebration to hark back to something I mentioned right at the start of Lent …  on ash Wednesday…  the beginning of our journey towards this moment…...    For I believe that Easter could be summed up by the rather intriguing saying … “The only things that we truly possess, that have abiding and eternal value… are the things we gain by giving them away…   the only things worth possessing are the things that only make sense when given….  Which  achieve very little if merely stored up….… things like love, (given freely without expectation), kindness and forgiveness, (without expectation of return)….    acts of charity, (not for recognition or approval); random acts of kindness, (that no one will ever know who is responsible for them)/…/  I read a maxim once upholding that there is an odd economic principle associated with love -- the more love you give away, the more love you have.  It defies all other economic principles.  Our Lord Jesus, in his life, his suffering and death, and his resurrection…    is the perfect example of all these wonderful qualities…  and even more wonderfully, he invites us all to share in this way of living….  

-                     This Easter, is a special time for giving thanks for and remembering and hopefully getting opportunities to share time with family and friends…  

-                     And Easter is also about reminding us that our God is the God of New starts…  and new beginnings….. 

-                     We also remember prayerfully, all those who have gone before us.. the Resurrection gives us peace in the belief that the lord of the resurrection is faithful to his children.. and raises them up to new and eternal life in heaven… where one day we will all be reunited in joy…

-                     At Easter, we think of people who are struggling.., and those who feel hopeless. ….and also those who feel they will never be good enough, or worthy enough…   and those who fear they can never be forgiven…   For today’s feast says…  YES>>>>  God is with us,  God will never abandon us…  God truly does want to renew us and give us new hope .. new life… and indescrible mercy….   

-                     Jesus is an unequivocal “yes”  to self-sacrifice and service, and love, compassion, mercy  and generosity of spirit…   of thinking more of others and less of ourselves…   -  May God bless us and renew us in his astounding love… and ever-abiding faithfulness…  and eternal care…  and may our lives be more and more marked by these wonderful qualities with every new day….. 






·                      FR. PAUL W. KELLY

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Friday, April 18, 2014

Paul's Reflections 469 : Good Friday. 18th April, 2014.

Homily. Good Friday.  18th April, 2014.

By Purely earthly standards, Our Lord's ministry when it ended with his execution on the Cross, would have been judged (if using purely HUMAN standards) to have been an unmitigated disaster and a monumental failure.  (That is, if one only looks at his ministry and death with purely earthly eyes). His ministry was very brief...  possibly only three years long,  and no longer than six years. At the end of this time, most of his followers scattered, one of his closest disciples betrayed him, and the leader Christ had chosen had denied him three times and fled. In addition, Jesus was arrested like a common brigand, and was wrongly accused of Blasphemy and of being a dangerous heretic. he was also unjustly charged with treason towards the Roman Emperor.  He was executed as a common criminal.  

Human law was a bit ambivalent here. Because even human law found him innocent. He was declared not guilty by the highest human authority of that area - Pilate.  nevertheless, he was still executed. By earthly standards, Jesus was assumed to be a criminal and a failure, and a blashphemer.  He was considered like a person cursed.  He was considered to be outside of God's people and sentenced to be damned for all time.   But this is why today and the Passion of our Lord is the greatest example of two things:  1.  Appearances can be deceiving.  and 2.  God's ways are not like human ways. God's idea of true success and glory do not always follow the way of the world.  

So, for anyone and for all people who have ever been stymied by the capricious standards of purely human judgement...  if one has ever suffered judgement or condemnation by the world as being a failure or a lost cause or an outsider.. today's Passion gives new sight,  new meaning and new hope ... for God has the final say and it is surprising ......
Christ  is the visible expression of God.  And, as we commemorate the solemn festival of Our Lord’s suffering and death..  we see that Jesus is the visible expression of God’s love (which is deeper and more heartfelt than anyone could ever fathom)… and he is the visible expression of God’s mercy, compassion, and kindness… Christ is also the visible expression of God’s Kingdom, God’s priorities and values…  and they are beautifully different from what the world often values highest….    Christ…  shows us that God is complete, self-sacrificing love and mercy…  Christ is “self-emptying love and service for others”….   Jesus is about giving the very last drop of his blood out of love and service to others….  
Through Christ’s suffering and death, we are saved..  we are freed..  we are forgiven..  we are given hope to endure all the many “little deaths” and trials and suffering of this world..  For God has the final say.. and it is a word of hope and love… 
<![if !supportLists]>-         <![endif]>In just a short while, in this ceremony, we will have the adoration of the wood of the Holy Cross…..  as we show our individual veneration of the Cross…   We nail, as it were, to the cross of Christ, all our sins..  our trials..  our temptations..  our failings..  our doubts..  our pride.. our selfishness.. our lack of compassion..  our failures to love…   our illness..   our worries..  our thwarted priorities…. 
<![if !supportLists]>-          <![endif]>When it comes time to venerate the cross,  each of us is invited to think (quietly to oneself and to God, who is in the secret places of our heart)… Think of what you are nailing to the cross as you come, for Christ died to save us…  to include us…  to show us God’s mercy and that God is faithful…   yes..  even in our darkest hour…..    
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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Paul's Reflections 468 : Holy Thursday. 17th April, 2014

Homily. Holy Thursday.  17th April, 2014     


Tonight is a sacred night… 

It is truly beautiful.   It is Christ’s transformation and fulfilment of the ancient Passover, in a new and extraordinary way.

It is about Christ..  who shared the last supper with his disciples…  who was about to die to save the world….   And who instituted the Eucharist as an ongoing, living memorial which would allow all who trust in Christ’s promises real and effective access to his saving mercy. It connects us to his suffering, his death and his resurrection which is salvation for us all…  it provides an ongoing access point to the forgiveness which the Lord offers to us along our life journey… and connects us forever to Christ.. to renew, cleanse and strengthen us to walk along the Kingdom’s paths…

Tonight Jesus reveals that his whole mission, and his whole message is about love, service, self-sacrifice, humility and mercy….  

And he bids us to follow his example in thought, in word and in attitude….  

Christ..  by instituting the eucharist… and washing the feet of his disciples…   shows that the truth of his mission and of our existence … is about self-forgetting concern for others…  


St Peter is also a lesson to us all..

He meant well. He was fiercely loyal to Jesus and  yet he still had a lot to learn…   He would not let Jesus wash his feet in this simple but powerful example of   an act of profound service and humility. …   Peter was proud. And pride can be powerfully contradictory to the message and example of the gospel.  Peter probably thought he was right to feel proud on behalf of his Lord and master, Jesus, whom he knew to be the Christ and the Son of God. He was proud on behalf of Jesus, whom he has once before gotten chipped by Jesus for trying to tell him HOW the messiah should and should not fare.  Jesus told him to stop being a stumbling block when Peter tried to tell him he MUST NOT suffer and die. Jesus quickly rounded on him and said, you are thinking in a human way, not in God’s way. (For Jesus knew he MUST suffer and so enter into his glory). And Now, Peter suffers from well-meaning concern and pride again. He felt that he could not bear to see his lord and master lowering himself to wash his humble feet..  but Jesus puts him straight..   unless you let me do this, you can have nothing to do with me….   Peter..  as with us all, must let go of his preconceptions and his attitudes, and his pride.. and must allow Christ to teach him this new and different way of greatness.. which is about service, humility and sacrifice…  Peter, after his correction, quickly ,assents….  Peter is a great example of a disciple, who though sometimes as we all do, getting it wrong, quickly and sincerely repents when they realise the error of their course…  and swiftly changes tack …..back to the ways of the Lord. 

We too must be open to Jesus’ ways which are not our own ways….  We must accept humility and service and let go of our own expectations and demands…  and put on Christ’s ways…  

The disciples did not believe that they or any of Christ’s group would deny or betray Jesus…  but Jesus knew better..  He knew that to be a good disciple is to pray and to be aware of the weakness of the flesh ..  of temptation and fear and doubt….  Of selfishness, of pride…   of self-deception.  Jesus constantly taught his followers to be alert and prepared for such trials……   

Tonight, we pray that we will surrender to Christ and his vision, his ways…   and his invitation to  be humble servants who let go of our expectations and ways and accept Christ’s ways …  For Christ’s ways are always about self-emptying service, love and sacrifice…  of “self-forgetting” for the good of others…  

And now  ,..  we enact what Christ did on that first Eucharist At the last supper…  and we put ourselves at the service of Christ..  who is not only our Lord and master…  but also,

He who comes among us as one who serves…. 





·          FR. PAUL W. KELLY

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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Paul's Reflections 467 : Palm Sunday of the Passion of the Lord. Year A.

Homily Palm Sunday of the Passion of the Lord. Year A.   13th  April, 2014     



It is really important as we enter into the most sacred days of the Church’s calendar, that we fully appreciate that we are not bystanders in some drama that is happening somewhere else…  to someone else….    In times long past….   We are drawn into the drama here and now in this time and place…… 

We are part of the crowds who welcomed Jesus with palms and cloaks at his triumphal entry.. it was us!!!.. and many like us, who proclaimed him Messiah..  and cried out Hosanna…  blessed is he who comes in the Lord’s name!!!..   and got whipped up into the excitement of declaring him King…. We (all these centuries later, KNOW that Jesus truly is the King.. and the Messiah… ) whereas the crowds back in Jesus time would have had all manner of assumptions and presumptions..  some may have simply been going along with the crowd at that moment..   drawn into the excitement..   actually…   we have to be wary that we too are waving and calling our Hosanna to the King for good and solid reasons…  

We also are sobered by the fact that  only a few short days later..  it was the same crowd ….. (the likes of you and me and heaps more like us).. who got whipped up into another frenzy of the crowd and cried out..  crucify him..  crucify him..  away with him…..   anyone who tolerates a man like this is no friend of the Roman emperor…..  take him away.!!!!! 

Christ died for us…..   He well and truly suffered and died for you and for me..  and for all…..   because we needed saving…    He didn’t just die for those virtually lost souls back there, as if they were worse than we are today…..    No…..   in so many ways..  big and small..  we were dead in our sin.. and he needed to bring us to life and suffer for us…..  and he did….

…..    After faithfully commemorating the Lord’s passion and death, we see things with new eyes…  and we understand deeper .. so when we now proclaim Hosanna to the King… we understand just what Jesus, Our King underwent to call us to live according to his ways..  and not our own self-focused and stumbling old ways…   

What Jesus did , he did out of love, of mercy, of service of self sacrifice….       And for that..  we thank God, we praise God and we worship God..  and we promise to follow Jesus and walk with him in his new ways



·          FR. PAUL W. KELLY


Saturday, April 05, 2014

Paul's Reflections 466 : Fifth Sunday of Lent. Year A. 6th April, 2014

Homily Fifth Sunday of Lent. Year A.   6th  April, 2014     


How inspiring the Gospel is of the Raising of Lazarus.  It speaks of the fact that Jesus is the Lord of the Resurrection. He not only rose from the dead but he put an end to death forever and promised us that all who trust in him will be called forth from the tomb like Lazarus, on the Last Day, the day of the Resurrection.  Meanwhile, we believe that those who have died are enjoying the rewards of eternal life in heaven until they are united body and soul at the great Resurrection on the last day.

But, the gospel means even more than this. Jesus shows us that God is at work bringing new life and resurrection to us who are still alive and on this earth.  Jesus (in so many ways) wants to raise us up, here and now, to a new and fulsome way of living and loving. God is constantly at work to resurrect us and bring new life (and changed life) to those who have suffered the many and varied ‘little deaths’ that comes along life’s path.

Jesus is also the Lord of New Beginnings, New ways of looking at things and New starts.  May God raise us up in many different ways in our present life!

 “Lazarus, come forth!!.....Unbind him, set him free !”

These words called lazarus out of the tomb.  They are beautiful words……. Words have power.  Words can create new realities……. 

When Jesus called out … “Lazarus, come forth!!!”   people objected…  “but..  it will be foul!!”  -   But their fears were unfounded. 


In our lives..  we may be trapped in many metaphorical tombs……  and when Jesus calls us forward to new ways, we might be tempted to say..  but lord…  what you will find …stinks….   It is past fixing..  its too awful to bring to light…  we must trust that the Lord knows what he is doing….  We ought NEVER be afraid that any situation in our lives, any sin, any mistake is beyond fixing…   it is not…  it might, in our eyes, stink…  but God knows what he is doing.. we can trust in him and come forth into the light.. and to a newness of life…..  


This gospel reminds us that words are indeed filled with power……  and of course, I truly believe there is one single WORD who gives power to all other words and phrases.. and it is the person and message of Jesus, who is THE WORD of God……  the word made flesh…..   Jesus is a DOING word, so the word of God, is a verb…….


Some other very special words have a powerful effect because they are so intimately connected with Jesus’ values//  his message and qualities about himself that they convey the qualities they describe….


these words are powerful, as though the Spirit hovering over them fills them with resonance…..  words such as


“Your sins are forgiven”


“Your debt is cancelled”


“Be Freed”  /  “Be released”


“Be Opened”




“lazarus – COME-forth …… //   now unbind him…. set him free!”


“This is my body broken for you…..   this is my blood poured out for you as a new covenant”


I love these words….  I know you do too……    they fill us with hope… but more than that… they immediately begin to  achieving what they say…….  


SO, Jesus said a lot of words to people in his ministry…  sometimes the things he said really challenged the faith of those who were with him……   In the gospel today, jesus talks to them about God having the final say on suffering and death……   / Jesus is powerfully SHOWING that HE DOES CARE…. HE DOES LOVE US…..  HE DOES CARE WHEN PEOPLE SUFFER, DIE…   GRIEVE….  OR FEEL TRAPPED BY THEIR PAST SINS AND MISTAKES….. HE CRIES WITH US…..  HE SIGHS FROM THE HEART FOR US……..    AND HE SPEAKS WORDS OF CHANGE….. 










Surely it is only Divine love that fill us with life again….……  freed, healed, forgiven….  LOVED.





·                    FR. PAUL W. KELLY

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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Paul's Reflections 465 : 30th March, 2014 - Fourth Sunday of Lent. A

Homily Fourth Sunday of Lent. A30th March, 2014     



I love this weekend’s first reading.   it is such a visually descriptive passage…… 


In the first reading, David is chosen by God and he is not the most likely of the candidates by human standards….Each of the sons of Eli would come forward,  and yet God didn’t choose them….   It reminds us that humans look at appearances…..  but God sees into the heart.


For us humans….    aren’t many things in life more like an audition for the Voice…   where people vote on how you come across… and use often very arbitrary standards to assess a person’s worth… and it has all too much with outer appearances…. and surface qualities. We live in a society where it seems (at times) that one’s whole “worth” can be judged by a few measly pieces of cobbled-together information…… and voted on by the whim of the majority….      How far this is from the way God thinks and acts…….  (thank goodness).


If we were to do a reality television show or a phone-in popularity vote of suitable leaders to be chosen by God,  then King David would never have been voted in………(one of his brothers who were taller and older and more impressive would have been chosen).....    John the Baptist would have been voted off the show in the first episode…..    St Peter would have been declared ‘the weakest link”…and ‘sent down’…...   And  …. Saint Paul … well, he would never have even made the short-list…. His previous history of well-meaning but quite misguided persecution of the early disciples of Jesus would have people asking “can he really be trusted???   …  “is he really on our side now??”……   the list goes on and on….    God does not judge by appearances but looks into the heart and sees us as we really are…. and loves us….. And thank goodness God is like this..   thank God others are not the judge and jury in most things in our lives.  


That first reading has the wonderful image, too, of the oil poured over the head of God’s chosen one. Being anointed as a prophet of God.  We use this symbol of anointing in our rituals even today…..    Anointing with oil… is a symbol of appointing, consecrating, commissioning and sending a person into mission.   This anointing oil is a symbol of royalty and leadership……   Even the name “Christ”, derives from the name “the anointed one”  and we are all united and commissioned to be joined to Jesus who is THE anointed one.. the Messiah and God the Son….


In baptism we use oil of chrism to join the baptized to Jesus who is THE priest, prophet and King……   in confirmation, we confirm the gifts of the Spirit in Baptism… and we commission, send and appoint the newly confirmed to be witnesses of Christ in their daily lives and vocations…..   to be united with Christ in living the good news…..


In the Gospel, the man born blind is shown coming not only to physical sight, but also coming to a clearer and clearer vision of faith… the man first thinks that Jesus is just a wonderful man who helped him… but as he goes along, he thinks of him as the messiah.. and finally as God’s son….     He suffers taunts and questions but stands firm….    this man stands as a wonderful example of discipleship….  of endurance and trusting in what God is doing.. the legalists around him become more and more disappointing… they are clearly blind and their hearts and minds are not only closed, they are antagonistic… their own responses bring them into disrepute…. 


A sobering lesson is here for everyone…  this man whom people judged to be a sinner, had understood the truth and meaning of Jesus better than the seemingly righteous and apparently “sinless” experts in the law. They could not get past their prejudices and pre-formed judgements of this man as a sinner and a lowly nobody… so they would not listen to his experience.. They would not give him the time of day…..   but he had the enlightenment of Christ in him…..    May the Lord help us to see beyond appearances, avoid jumping to conclusions based on outward qualities….  and help us to be open to everyone around us….    open to hear the good news in the most surprising places.. and people…


The blind man is initially unsure what is happening, but he is sure of one thing, whatever people are making of his situation…   ‘he was blind and now he can see.”   The same cannot be said (spiritually) for the religious leaders of Jesus’ time, who really ought to know better but choose not to.


There is a lot of movement in this story…   there are people coming and going in this drama….   Jesus walks past the blind man, who received this free gift of sight apparently without even asking for it…  but he is certainly grateful…   then the crowd takes him to the Pharisees because they can’t believe its really the same person….   Then the Pharisees send him away..  and then the parents of the blind man come in and go out.. after carefully getting themselves out of trouble….  And then Jesus goes looking for the ex-blind man and speaks with him again/….  It is all wonderful…..


Now, not only has the man got his sight back… he can now see Jesus with the eyes of faith, which is an ever greater gift he has received….


The man believes in what Jesus tells him and worships Jesus.


The experts in the law and those considered publicly righteous, do not respond in the way they should to Jesus.  They will not listen to him, and they will not see what is really going on. They will not believe even when the blind see again.  


These people will not let go of their stubborn and wrong beliefs that physical conditions are caused by the wrongdoing or sin of the person or their ancestors…  they won’t let go of the false belief that God is punishing sick and disabled people for their sins or the sins of others….   It might seem a strange superstition to hold on to today, and yet, (you know) if you scratch the surface, I reckon there are still a lot of people who continue to believe at some level that God does go around punishing people who have done wrong and rewarding people who have done wrong.. in this life… by way of the things and illnesses that befall them… . This gospel and the teachings of Jesus make it quite clear that this is not how God operates and that this belief is wrong… and very unhelpful.    We know that there are many incidents of really good people who suffer terribly and they may not even get the respite they deserve in this life,   whilst other people who have apparently lead really bad live appear happy, healthy, and even prosperous … right to the end….    


As it says elsewhere in scripture… “the Lord makes his sun to shine and rain to fall on good and bad alike.”


In the midst of the natural disasters that happen around the world…... it is a very unhelpful and I think quite wrong thing to fall for the trap of thinking that this is some kind of punishment or action by God aimed at particular people or behaviours…   / God is a God of love who wants nothing but that which is for our good…  for all people…..    it is very difficult to make sense of some of the terrible things that befall people in different parts of the world… but we do well to avoid any simplistic explanations. God’s hand is to be seen at work not in the cause of these disasters, but rather in the compassionate and caring and loving response to those affected by it. God is to be experienced in the hands of those who work to heal and to rebuild and to help….  God is in the very midst of us;  suffering with us and for us and helping to bring life out of the worst that the world throws up at us…. 


Jesus has, in his ministry, a series of really key teachings and points to make and he targeted particular problems in the religious system of his day.  He named some of the problems specifically and warned his followers to be on their guard about them.  Some problems can be quite insidious and hard to shake…


In today’s gospel, he names ‘spiritual blindness’ (which includes an unwillingness or an inability to even realise that they have a blind spot in their attitudes and behaviour).   Jesus also highlights “hypocrisy” as a major stumbling block in the religious life. It is so hard to detect these things because (by definition) if something is hidden…it is hard to know that it is there. Also, if a person is not living up to what they appear to be doing outwardly, how can an observer tell the difference.  It is a real problem. Jesus reminds us, that it is in the fruits that we test the health of the plant.  It is in the actions and results of a person’s life that the true health of their spirituality and religiousness shows itself.


Ultimately, anything done in the name of religion that does not foster greater love of God, and love of neighbour as oneself, is not authentic Christianity.


May the lord show us any areas of spiritual blindness and open us up to love more and more as he calls us to do.



·          FR. PAUL W. KELLY


Saturday, March 22, 2014

Paul's Reflections 464 : 23rd March, 2014 Third Sunday of Lent. A

Homily Third Sunday of Lent. A  23rd March, 2014     


[ IMAGE: Samaritan Woman at the Well, by He Qi ]


Exodus 17:3-7 The people are thirsty. Moses provides the water. The conflict becomes epic.

Psalm 95:1-2, 6-7, 8-9 Meribah and Massah become synonyms for hardened human hearts.

Romans 5:1-2, 5-8 Faith brings peace, peace leads to hope, and hope in God does not disappoint.

John 4:5-42 A Jew and a Samaritan talk about water, religion, and the truth.



The People are thirsty in the readings…  and it is very topical, because people in many parts of this state and this nation…  and other parts of the world are truly thirsty for water…   water to drink…  water for their crops and stock…  water for their businesses….    We are crying out to our loving and merciful God to send us renewing and life-giving rain -  to soak deep and refresh and give life to all the areas in need….  


Water is essential… without it we don’t have life…  we don’t have cleanliness… and we don’t have produce and business…….


Jesus knew this… as he sat in the heat of the day and waited patiently for someone to come along and give him a drink of refreshing water.. for he had no bucket….   


But he had something to offer….   He had the waters of eternal life… the waters of baptism.. the lifegiving water of God;s word….    The eternal, living water of life that is his life, his teaching, his suffering, his death and his resurrection…   all done for us…  to connect us forever to God’s life….  



This encounter in the gospel is powerful….   It leaves a deep impression.. its one of the latin sentences that is printed on our church wall here at St Mary’s,,,,    over the altar of Mary…  on the choir side…   si scires donum Dei…  if only you knew the gift of God…   (and who it is who is offering it to you, then you would have been the one to ask and he would give you living water…    sir, give me this water always..  so that I don’t have to keep coming here to re-fill…   )  its beautiful, its delightful.    ….  


Jesus’ way of relating to the Samaritan woman is wonderfully human and inspiring…  Even though Jews and Samaritans were diametrically opposed to each-other and did not ordinarily associate or speak to one another…   nor did strangers  - men and women – speak to one another……    let alone accept a drink of water from them….  Yet..  it is so special.. so ordinary..  so natural.. as it should be ..  we are all God’s children…    all with God as the one Father…    Jesus did not even judge her…  but when the women tells him her own marital predicament, Jesus indicates that he knows this and commends her for her own perception and clarity …..    Jesus, after all, is not here to condemn and to distance, but to gather and to include…..    he is interested  in her spiritual welfare…  and he offers her what he offers us all..   the waters of eternal life……   The woman accepts his offer and goes and tells everyone to Jesus and her actions are evangelism… she goes back to her community and tells them about Jesus and leads them to him and then they experience him for themselves and accept……     without that familiar, non-judgemental, compassionate, kind and outgoing connection with others, we cannot hope to tell people about Jesus and expect them to come and see for themselves….  


Pope Francis has been teaching us all this in his first year as pope….  He is not saying anything radically different or new or anything that departs from what other popes and leaders have said..  but people are encountering and responding to that personal touch.. that welcoming, human, humble and kindly encounter and that is at the heart of our encounter with Christ…..     whom we each encounter ourselves and see and feel for ourselves what he is life… in the gospels, in our prayer, in the eucharist.. in how we recongnise and respond to Christ in eachother…  


May we be like a refreshing drink of living water to all we meet and encounter and respond to in our lives, in our homes in our community…..   



·          FR. PAUL W. KELLY

·          Notes from Vince Dollison.

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